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Everyone's a philanthropist

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It all started when...

Every spring we hold our annual Everyone's A Philanthropist fundraiser to welcome contributors and to thank them for their support throughout the year. This is our opportunity to update our funders and supporters on the work we accomplished the previous year, provide an update on current programs and give a look head on what will come in the future. This is a great evening had by all and a great way to get to learn about The One Less Foundation.


run germantown

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tolf runs. run for fun. run the ave. 

In 2015, we held our initial 5K race, one of the truly urban races in Philadelphia. Today the race, also includes a 10K run. The race has turned into one of the premier community events, that brings people from all over the Philadelphia metro area for a unique race that traverses one of the most historic neighborhoods in the US.

Come out and support TOLF, by running our 5K and 10K runs and/or by creating a charity run.

This year, Run Germantown will be held on September 14, 2019

If you're interested in running with Team TOLF Ambassadors - contact us!


giving tuesday

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a one day giving bonanza...

The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is Giving Tuesday, a national day for people to support nonprofit organizations in their local communities through volunteer work, making a donation or giving back in other ways. Keep up with our projects, events and fundraising for #GivingTuesday.

Each year we select an upcoming project or program from our organization to shine extra light on it and ask those to give an extra donation to support it. Our #GivingTuesday events vary from year to year - so stay tuned and see you can get involved this year!