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There's a lot of information about our organization and programs on our website, if you need information in hard copy form, you can download summary sheets below.

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For Schools

In-School Programs include our Discovery and Financial Literacy programs which are designed to enrich the education of students in under-served communities and provide access to information which will prepare them for the future through career exploration, college readiness and financial literacy.The programs are provided to students, during the school day, in partnership with schools and teachers as a supplement to their curriculum. Where it is not possible to incorporate the programs into the regular school day, they can be utilized as after-school program.

Learn more about our in-school programs

In addition to our regular in-school programs we also provide smaller one-time workshops and classes. For more information or to submit a request for services, complete our request form and submit it to us:

 On-line Request Form 

Download the Request Form




For Youth

RISE is a comprehensive youth academic mentoring program that works to provide youth between the ages of 13 and up with small group classes, one-on-one mentoring and access to resources that help build a academic and career network opportunities. Get more information on the partners and programs in detail. Students can also take advantage of our scholarship search resources and get a better understanding of the true cost of the colleges they are considering attending. Learn more about our RISE program and register here

Information to Read and Download and Use at home

RISE Mentoring for Middle/High School Students

RISE for College Students

TOLF - Calculating College Costs Form

On-Line Forms to Complete for TOLF Assistance

TOLF - Scholarship Search Request




For Adults

Our PATH program works with adults to help them get back on track and create lives that they once dreamed of through learning how to develop and reach goals and preparing them for jobs of the future with our adult education support programs.

Information to Read and Download for at home use

PATH Life Coaching for Adults

TOLF - Calculating College Costs Form

On-line Forms to Complete for TOLF Assistance

TOLF - Scholarship Search Request





For the Community

Below are links to additional resources that help families with needs that we are not able to assist with at The One Less Foundation.