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making an impact

The mission of our organization is the alleviation of poverty, not just for one generation, but to break the cycle of poverty that traps generations.

The impact of our programs isn't easily put into words and isn't just numbers. However, the impact is easy to see. We see it on faces of high school students going to college. We see it when they are awarded scholarships to help remove the financial burdens of higher education. We see it when a single mother reaches proficiency and can pass the GED. We see it when a mother creates a budget and sees that she can afford to take her children on vacation. We know we make an impact when legislation we work to pass become law. We know we make an impact when beneficiaries recommend our programs to friends and family.

See our programs in action, our advocacy at work and the impact we make.

The campaigns, initiatives, and projects that we lead and participate in is how we create impact for our program beneficiaries and for society.

In addition to our programs, we are also involved in engaging elected officials and educating the public on issues related to poverty. We know as an organization the reach of our programs is only so far. We know we can do more on a large scale by working collectively in partnership with other organizations, leading highly focused long-term initiatives and engaging the public in creative ways.

Learn more about how we make an impact through our campaigns, initiatives, and projects below.


The campaigns we support are done in collaboration with our national partners at ProsperityNow, Consumer Federation of America and Stop The Debt Trap coalition. Our campaigns aim to effect changes in state and federal regulations and laws related to high-cost lending products, fixing local, state, and national tax codes to help the most financially vulnerable.

On a state and national level, we have a tremendous impact on the communities that our organization and programs serve.


Our initiatives, reflect our philosophy that we can do something to combat the effects of poverty. We look to create, lead and participate in initiatives that create long-term solutions. Together with our advocacy work, we focus on supporting and leading initiatives that educate and provide hands-on learning experiences for those living in high poverty communities.

The primary focus of our initiatives is closing the wealth gap, with an emphasis on closing the racial wealth gap and ending cycles of generational poverty.


Our projects support our mission by focusing on educating the public about issues related to poverty and allows the public to get involved in our work in tangible ways. We use our projects to bring our mission to life and to show the impact of our work on a large scale. The projects we do move poverty to the forefront of mainstream discussions and away from academic theory, through social commentary.

Projects typically last a full year, involving components from video, photography, and social media engagement.


total and projected participants in programs annually 


2012 - 2020

participation YEAR by YEAR GROWTH

This chart illustrates the total growth of the participants in our programs since our organization opened it's doors in August of 2012, and the number of students and adults we aim to have in our programs by 2020. Much of our growth has been and is anticipated to continue through our partnerships with other organizations and the ability to add and support new schools each year.


“the results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.”

miriam beard|  1938

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