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intersections at work

The campaigns, initiatives and projects that The One Less Foundation undertakes and participates in is where our advocacy work and our programs intersect to create impact. 


The campaigns we support are a part of the work we do with our national partners at ProsperityNow, Consumer Federation of America and our Stop The Debt Trap coalition, to affect changes in federal regulations and laws related to high cost lending products, fixing the tax code that most often targeted to the most financially vulnerable and keep them trapped in debt and poverty cycles. On a state and local level, our advocacy work allows us to have a tremendous impact on the communities that our organization and programs serve on a daily basis.


Closing the wealth gap. We support a two-generational approach to ending poverty and our initiatives reflect this philosophy. Our initiatives tie together our advocacy work and projects in a deliberative manner to further our mission. Our advocacy work has a primary focus in this area, because we know that in order to see long-term success and achieve our goals, we have to ensure those getting out of poverty have access to resources and opportunity to create solid foundations and generational wealth to break cycles of poverty.


Our projects support the work our organization does by focusing on short and long term meaningful ways to impact, educate the general public about poverty and to support our initiatives in a tangible way. We utilize our projects as a way to tell the story of our advocacy work and those we are working with and how it positively affects our programs. Our projects illustrate solutions that relate to initiatives we are working on, and oftentimes act as a launching pad for developing a more comprehensive and sustained program.


total and projected participants in programs annually 


2012 - 2016

participation YEAR by YEAR GROWTH

This chart illustrates the total growth of the participants in our programs since our organization opened it's doors in August of 2012, and the number of students and adults we aim to have in our programs by 2020. Much of our growth has been and is anticipated to continue through our partnerships with other organizations and the ability to add and support new schools each year.


β€œthe results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.”

miriam beard|  1938

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