initiative: Closing the racial wealth divide

With our partners at Prosperity Now (formerly CFED), we're tackling the racial wealth divide head on. Financial Literacy and capability alone will not close the gap, we have to change policies that exacerbate the problem. Learn more about the policies in Pennsylvania that are helping to close the divide or allowing it to grow wider.

Keeping in line with our mission, we're focused on getting policies in place that keep Predatory Small-Dollar Lending Protections in place, eliminate the TANF asset test, expand access to IDA's and children's savings accounts, and increasing the minimum wage.

As we work on getting the right policies in place, you can help by signing on to public letters of support that we circulate, through our social media sites and through our newsletters.

There's a lot of work to be done in closing the racial wealth gap, and one of the ways we are actively engaged in the work is with our Piggy Bank & Paint Project, with schools and communities in high poverty neighborhoods. This is one example of how our advocacy work intersects with our programs to create positive change and impact.