elementary school

The elementary program teaches about money, how it is made (physically) and earned, and includes an introduction to the history of financial systems. This program also teaches the basics of saving and spending money.

The program uses a variety of materials and curriculum that include coloring books, games and interactive lessons to help students learn the basic concepts about money

middle school

The middle school program is designed to help students learn about needs vs. wants, and how they relate to financial stability. This section covers an introduction to the US financial system, an overview of financial markets and investing from a beginner’s perspective; and gives a summary of the basics of banking and the differences between various types of financial instruments (i.e. cash, checks, credit cards, etc..)

This program emphasizes learning to control spending and how to budget for larger expenses and wants and has students do small group projects, while utilizing web-based interactive learning resources.

high school

The high school program has a strong focus on incorporating the topics and skills from the middle school section and helping students translate that into real-world experience, so they are prepared to enter the adult world ready to manage their finances in a responsible manner. The section spends more time on helping students explore their options on how to pay for college, understanding education debt, and helps them learn how to create a budget, and understand interest and financial instruments such as loans (mortgages, automobile and school), and understand why it’s important to begin saving for retirement and the different vehicles they can use to save, including investing. There is additional emphasis on helping students to understand their role in US financial systems and how to begin planning for their long-term financial futures.

This program incorporates group presentations, and short web-based videos.

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