Social safety net

Our definition: Social safety nets are systems compromised of personal, community, familial and governmental relationships that a person can rely on during times of need.

Social safety nets should be available to any person who is a member of the relationship they are seeking assistance from. A person becomes a member of the relationship by existing in the larger group.

social justice

Our definition: The concept of making social systems (and social institutions) fair and work for marginalized individuals and communities equal to how they (those same systems) work for those with the majority power.

Social justice is the process of creating equity and fairness in social systems (and institutions) where there was originally a power imbalance between different groups of people, especially as it applies to marginalized and oppressed communities.

third world country

Our definition: This is the concept of a country at a lesser stage in industrial and economic development than other countries. Countries that typically fit into this category are those that have historically (the period of time between 1500 - 1980) been on the receiving end of forced colonization, resulting in a loss of their natural resources and often their independence to outside forces. Countries that have typically been placed in this category also have histories of political instability, civil war and continued disruption and influence from other countries and often have high rates of poverty, including extreme poverty as a result.


Our definition: Poor refers to a monetary concept, of a low amount of money or having no to little money in comparison to the amount of money another person or entity has.

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