“In late 2013, I began my search for volunteer opportunities to allow me to give back to the community through utilization of my skills and capabilities while growing and developing them at the same time.  Through my on-line search, I found TOLF.  After learning about the organization and their available volunteer opportunities, I knew it would be a perfect match.  I was right!

TOLF's Financial Literacy & Capability Workshop is a quality program. I've worked with some amazing women during my time volunteering with the program.  The women in the program and the TOLF staff were engaged, prepared and motivated.  The best part is I also learned from them.  Volunteering is a gift that keeps on giving.

I'm surprised that more adults in the community are not taking advantage of the program.  If someone wants to make a difference in their financial health, participating in this program is a wise first step. TOLF is prepared to meet many of the needs of those in the local community.  You can be a part of this worthy cause and make a real difference too.

Volunteering is rewarding for me, that's why I volunteer my time with TOLF and other organizations in the community.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of TOLF and for the honor of being featured as the volunteer spotlight.  I hope others will seize the opportunity to volunteer and encourage a friend or colleague to do so as well.  Also, if you know of a youth or adult who may benefit from the services offered by TOLF, have them contact TOLF right away. “