FiNext Awards and Conference - 'Top 10 Companies in Finance'

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Our organization doesn’t typically receive awards from the FinTech industry as we are neither a financial company or a tech company; however in October 2018, we were notified of our nomination and win for “Top 10 Companies in Finance” awards from the FiNext Conference. We were selected because of our advocacy work as it relates to policy around FinTech products and services and because of our use of FinTech products in our MoneyWISE and other financial capability programs that we use with the families and communities we work with.

Our Executive Director, also led a 40-minute panel discussion with FinTech Founders and CEO’s on “How FinTech Firms Can Scale Innovation to Solve Consumer Problems”

While in Las Vegas we attended sessions and panel discussions on consumer (retail and corporate) trends, new products and the regulatory environment for different FinTech products including mobile banking apps, Crypto currency. There is a lot of excitement about what’s to come from the FinTech industry in the years to come.

Below are the remarks of our Executive Director, who accepted the award on the organizations’ behalf.

“Good afternoon and thank you. I’m honored to be here representing The One Less Foundation, as we don’t usually get invited to conferences like this, let alone win awards from this industry.

We are happy to join you at the FiNext conference and to learn more about the direction that the FinTech industry is headed.

With our mission to end povery, we see FinTech as one of the solutions that can help families and communities create their own path out of poverty, by being a bridge for those who lack access to financial and banking products. Access to products that help, encourage and support financial stability are a key component to ending poverty, and FinTech is a part of the solution. We use FinTech in our daily work with our MoneyWISE programs and our other financial capability programs, with families and communities and we advocate for good policies related to the FinTech industry that support and protect the most financially vulnerable.

We encourage all FinTech companies to consider the social good that their products and services can have and the impact that they can have not only on their bottom line but for millions of people seeking to get out of poverty. Be a force for good.

Thank you again for this award and we look forward to continuing our work with FinTech companies.”

~ Ingrid R. Shepard

Executive Director, The One Less Foundation