the language of poverty

In 2019, our annual project takes a look at the language of poverty and how we can redefine poverty in a more constructive way to help find solutions that help in ending poverty.

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What’s your definition

How do you define…? Add your voice and definition of terminology related to poverty. Each week will feature a new word. Are we using the same definitions as we talk about poverty? Click below to see the word list and definitions as the year progresses, and add your definition via social media or via email.


reactions & perceptions

Do some words create a reaction that other words don’t? Why do you use certain words and phrases when discussing poverty? Does your perception change about poverty depending on the words being used? Does the context matter? Add your thoughts on social media or via email.


historical context

Where did these words come from, who originated them and why do they have the impact they do in how the topic of poverty has been framed in the past and today. Learn more about the historical context and etymology of the words we use today as we discuss poverty. Learn more on social media or via email.

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