A Life in Poverty Is A Life of Hard Choices


With millions in poverty in the United States, it’s worth understanding exactly what these individuals face on a daily basis. These are typically individuals and families that have never known stability. They live in constant fear of falling short on money, and are often forced to make tough decisions between feeding themselves and their children or paying rent. Single mothers have to decide whether to stay home with a sick child and miss out on a day of pay from their employer that could put them in financial turmoil. These are financially fragile families that are struggling to get by every day.

The thought of finishing high school or completing a GED program is overwhelming at best, and higher education is a rare possibility. Imagine living in this unrelenting world where even the slightest misfortune can unravel whatever financial security you might have. Imagine the fear that comes with ensuring your children can survive in this environment while always wanting more for them, but feeling that it will always be just out of your reach. This is a terrifying reality for nearly half of Americans that struggle with these tough choices everyday.

At The One Less Foundation, we know that no one chooses to be in poverty or stay in poverty, but often the choices necessary to lift oneself out of poverty are exponentially harder than those that keep them trapped in poverty. By providing resources and education to those willing to fight for a better future, The One Less Foundation hopes to shepherd individuals out of poverty one by one. For more information on our programs or to make a donation, please visit www.theonelessfoundation.org.