Half of Americans Lose Sleep Over Finances


According to Money magazine, about half of Americans over the age of 35 report losing sleep due to worries about their finances. It is by far the biggest worry, surpassing relationship, health, or career concerns. Most of those hours are spent worrying about short-term money troubles such as paying this month’s bills or covering an expense in the event of an emergency. These worries can be debilitating and have real impacts on the health of an individual as well as their relationships and career, yet money management is rarely considered to be a necessary topic for school curricula.

So how do we solve this problem? Financial literacy plays a key role in financial security. When an individual has the tools to manage their finances effectively, they’re more likely to have funds saved in the event of an emergency. The One Less Foundation is committed to providing individuals with the knowledge they need to help manage their finances and advocates for mandatory financial literacy education in Pennsylvania schools.

It’s time to advance financial education and empower individuals to escape a life fraught with financial worries and stress.