Germantown: How One Woman and One Foundation Are Working Towards “One Less”

Our Executive Director, Ingrid Shepard was recently interviewed by Communications students from Temple University.  In the article she explains why The One Less Foundation was created and some of her proudest moments being involved in the work that the organization does. 

"The U.S. Census Bureau recently released 2016 data that placed Philadelphia at the top of the list as the poorest big city in the nation. With a poverty level close to 26 percent, the city seems to be making very little improvement financially.

Enter Ingrid Shepard, the executive director of The One Less Foundation, a nonprofit that is working tirelessly to teach Philadelphians how to be more financially literate.

Shepard, the owner of her own financial consulting firm, Shepard Consulting LLC, was born and raised in Denver, Colo., but has spent almost 15 years living in the Germantown area now. She saw the need for a different kind of nonprofit, one that would benefit both the current and future generations to come in the fight against poverty in Philadelphia."

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