A Year to Stand in the Gap

2018 - Stand In The Gap (January fb cover photos).png

The phrase and concept of ‘stand in the gap’ is as old as human memory because the need is as old as humanity itself. To stand in the gap means to use one's self for the protection of something or someone; to make defense against any assailing danger; to take the place of a fallen defender or supporter; and to create a bridge for others to cross over and away from danger.

This past year has found those our organization serves, some of this country’s most vulnerable populations, with their backs against the wall from what seems like an unending barrage of attacks on their social safety nets which are key to their daily survival and progress out of poverty.

Since we began our work in 2012, we’ve had a lot of success stories from helping single mothers upgrade their employment, create budgets, begin to save and get on financially stable ground, to helping students prepare for college and enter with enough scholarships to graduate debt free. We’ve gone to Capitol Hill often and met with legislators from both major political parties about legislation that would help the families and communities we work with each day. During this time, while our work has seemed daunting due to the scope and size of the poverty problem in America, we’ve always had hope that the most basic of safety nets would be in place to protect the most vulnerable among us from complete devastation and to help create paths out of poverty that are a little easier for them to navigate.

In 2018 we prepare to defend financial regulations and protections that have been put in place for years, some going back to the 1970s, we prepare to defend against cuts to social safety nets that are proven to work. We prepare to continue our push for better policies that look at poverty, its root causes and supports solutions in a holistic way. We continue our push to end income inequality, create living wages, close the racial wealth gap and academic gaps and minimize the asset gap.

This year, we are asking you, our supporters and friends to stand in the gap with us as the most basic safety nets appear to be at the front lines of the battleground and coming under attack. We are asking you to elevate your voices for the voiceless. We are asking you to stand in for those who have been knocked down. We are asking you to help us build a bridge for the most financially vulnerable among us to cross the path out of poverty.

We’re asking you to get involved with five things you can do in 2018, to ”Stand in the Gap” with The One Less Foundation to help end poverty:

1.       Participate in our online advocacy days on social media

2.       Donate to support our programs that provide training and resources for individuals, families and communities

3.       Sign on to advocacy letters to state and federal politicians

4.       Join us for our advocacy chats to explore the issues in more detail

5.       Volunteer your time, talents and voice!

Stand “In the Gap” with The One Less Foundation and help create pathways out of poverty for those striving for a better way of life. We’re asking you to use your voice, time and talents to stand in the gap with us and build a bridge for the financially vulnerable.

Stay connected with our #StandInTheGap project in person and on social media during the year and together we will stand in the gap so that no one falls through.


Ingrid R. Shepard, Executive Director